Bad Taste but Good Sales: The Rising Outcomes of Corona Beer

Considered one of the worst Mexican beers according to 3,200 reviews at, Corona is now the fifth best-selling beer in the U.S., but how could it happen?

Corona Beach

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Sweden: The first european country to introduce bank notes and the first to eliminate them

Sweden may be the first country in the world to eliminate cash completely because it has implemented the latest methods of paying for goods. It represents the future of the new economical era by technological progress applied in business.


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What We Can Expect The Next Apple’s Event on September 9

Tim Cook Unveils Updated iPad In San Francisco, 2012.

As everyone knows, Apple is best known for keep in confidence all their products they’re developing without saying anything publicly, causing some suggestions and rumours about the new surprises the big company has already prepared to announce on September 9.

These are the products most expected the next Tuesday:

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