What We Can Expect The Next Apple’s Event on September 9

Tim Cook Unveils Updated iPad In San Francisco, 2012.

As everyone knows, Apple is best known for keep in confidence all their products they’re developing without saying anything publicly, causing some suggestions and rumours about the new surprises the big company has already prepared to announce on September 9.

These are the products most expected the next Tuesday:

iPhone 6

Maybe most of you have already seen the new design of the next iPhone’s model because the several photography leaks are spread on internet, therefore this is not to going to be a big surprise.

The iPhone 6 is going to have a larger display than the last model, increasing from 4.4 to 5.5 inches, where is going to be able to compete against another phones who have the same dimensions. Another suggestion about the design, is that it’ll have softer edges than the current model.

Regarding to technical specifications, the iPhone 6 is going to have next model of Apple’s in-house system on a chip (A8 generation) making it faster and designed to reduce the battery’s leak. Also it’s going to have better network connectivity and a camera more capable.



Another important product that is expected to be unveiled the next Tuesday is the iWatch, the Apple’s smart-watch who is specifically designed to work with iPhone. It will likely have HealtKit and HomeKit integration, the new monitors which are integrated in the next IOS.

Although the big company will release at “new product categories”, it’s no going to be easy for Apple to compete against another smart-watches already have been launched, as the new Moto 360 the luxury Motorola’s smart-watch with a classic and awesome design. But many of us expect that the iWatch will be an innovative product and it give us reasons to still using Apple’s products.


Traditional watch-style iWatch concept by Gábor Balogh.

iOS 8

We’ve already known the new design of iOS 8, where we’re going to be able to apply third party keywords with typing suggestions, plus new messages and photos experiences. Also we’re going to be able to call our favorite contacts from multitasking, iCloud Drive will help us to administrate better every kind of files and Health will let us track our activity, heart rate and another fitness apps.

iOS 8 it’s expected to be released on September 9, so I recommend you stay prepared one day before to update your device without problems, it’s preferable to make a back up to save all your files and keep calm if the downloading is too slow because the high traffic that everyone wants to be the first in get the new software.

iOS 8

OS X Yosemite

The biggest changes which offer the new OS for Mac is the new fresh and cool design, it’ll have another interface more elegant with new features, one of the most important is the capacity to call from Mac to another Apple device.

As iOS 8, OS X Yosemite is expected to be release the next Tuesday, for that reason be prepared to update your Mac and enjoy the enhanced Apple’s software. But if you’re not sure to download the new operative system, expect the next post to see the overview and the first impression which iOS and OS X offer to Apple users.


If you want to watch special event live stream*:
Apple Special Event September 9

*Technical requirements:
Mac – OS X v10,6 or later
iPhone/iPad/iPod – IOS 6 or later


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