The Grand Budapest Hotel Review

Based on Stefan Zweig’s story, the film recounts the adventures of a strict concierge Monsieur Gustave and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy in training who wants to work at the prestigious Grand Budapest Hotel.


The Wes Anderson’s fictitious city

The film takes place in a fictional Republic of Zubrowka, a place always covered in snow because his location in high alps, where the film constantly offer colourful landscapes and scenes full of details creating a warm atmosphere. The music also plays an important role in the film, because in combination with these scenes full in warm colours, provoke feelings of nostalgia as inspiration, catching the audience to be immersed in this emotive story.

Zero & Agatha

The luxurious concierge and the loyal lobby boy

The main story involves the battle of the Madame D’s family testament, a luxurious guest of the Grand Budapest Hotel and close friend of the concierge, who also most of the time he used to keep intimate company with the hotel’s richest and oldest guests. After the tragic death of Madame D’s, she left an enormous fortune provoking a family’s battle.

However a priceless renaissance painting which belonged Madame D was stolen, where a false accusation made Monsieur Gustave the principal responsible of the death and sending to prison, therefore his loyal lobby boy who is exactly an immigrant of some arab country, will find the way to help his boss in company of his fiancée Agatha, who is baker at the best bakeshop of the city.

Grand Budapest Elevator

Can a movie be colourful, funny and violent at the same time?

The film offers absurd situations but funny at the same time, there many ironic dialogues and curious details, for example the Agatha’s red mole in her face has the shape of Mexico’s silhouette. Regarding to the sudden and bad events in the film, they don’t seem to be really tragedies where is suppose to be, because they’re presented so natural and quiet that don’t provoke sad feelings in the audience.

Also there are some violent scenes but so unexpected because at the first time the film obviously don’t seem be a typical action movie, however these kind of scenes don’t become to be nasty images because the combination of funny situations.


Although it’s a fictitious story, I recommend this movie because it has many to offer as awesome combinations in landscapes with nostalgic music and incredible time of entertainment. If you have free time and you’re interested to watch and incredible film, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a perfect choice.

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