Apple’s Website Through The Years

Simple, fresh and elegant. The apple’s website has the simplicity to surface through different sites for knowing the latest updated devices information, also it’s easy for costumer to make a purchase immediately. However, since the first Apple’s website design in 1997, the website has had many changes through the years to become what it looks today.

Apple website 1983 

1997: The oldest website recovered

Apple Website 1997

May 1998: The first iMac released.

Apple Website 1998 May

August 1999: The first “iBook” concept released.

Apple Website 1999 August

March 2000: The website’s design is changed, offering upper tabs to explore products.

Apple Website 2000 March

July 2001

Apple Website 2001 July

August 2002

Apple Website 2002 August

July 2003

Apple Website 2003 July

July 2004

Apple Website 2004 July

August 2005

Apple Website 2005 August

November 2006

Apple Website 2006 November

June 2007: The first iPhone released.

Apple Website 2007 June

September 2008:  The first iPod Touch released.

Apple Website 2008 September

December 2009

Apple Website 2009 DicemeberApril 2010: The first iPad released.

Apple Website 2010 April

September 2011

Apple website 2011 September

August 2012

Apple Website 2012 August

November 2013

Apple Website 2013 November

2014: The Apple’s website what it looks today.

Apple website 2014


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