Indie: The inner self expression revolution

Hippies, Punks, Hipsters, Geeks… We’ve known many youth subcultures around the world which They have made a great impact because represent new movements where are defining specific generations along the time. And one of the latest movement which is becoming so influencing today is Indie culture.

She & him

She & Him: An Indie band integrated by Deschanel and Ward.

History background

The word “Indie” is the abbreviation from independent where was emerged around 1980’s, this term was used firstly in the music and film industries. It characterised specifically the bands which were unable to get financial support, so they decided doing their music independently.

For that reason they also started to be unknown bands, because they preferred to be individual artists avoiding commercial institutions and mainstreams. In the next years the number of members has increased dramatically over the time, where they also start to define a specific fashion, hairstyle and even behaviours which are important to be a indie person.

The Indie’s perspective of the world

The culture has a strong sense of being independent, because they place a lot of stock the idea of making things for yourself or friends, instead of get popularity or profits. For that reason they have an attitude towards fashion, music and film anti-commercial, where they always like to separate themselves from mainstream industries.

The most important ideology about the “Indie way” is the appreciation of that little details that majority people cannot notice. It’s about the expression of yourself for wearing comfortable clothes that it’s not necessary they have to be popular labels but at the same time showing what you really are inside, the appreciation of local artistic production (as music or films) is more important than following the most popular commercial artists.

Also another important philosophy regarding the culture is the constantly search of new things to appreciate as high values because these things represent a self connection of the person. Exposing yourself to new things and give them an opportunity to appreciate new material arts are emerging recently.

Macbook and camera

The fashion fresh look

Regarding to Indie’s clothes look, the culture emphasise of “being your self” at the moment to wear what is good, where the “good” definition in the culture is avoiding mainstreams stores and brand names, letting the freedom to appreciate any kind of clothes where even the items of the old school is not so important.

There is no doubt this culture offers great liberty to show what you really are, where is not necessary to follow tendencies, just to appreciate and express yourself in activities you really like sharing your most happiness moments with your friends and people you care.


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