Supernova: The Beauty of Destruction

There are many film directors that represent the space as a dangerous place for human beings, where astronauts are exposed to several adversities reducing the possibilities to live. However, in some part they’re right because one of the most dangerous things in all universe are supernovas, according to scientific community.

Earth Supernova

Understanding the origins of Chaos

A supernova is a massive detonation in cosmos originated by a star, it’s so large that can explode until 100 light years away. And according to NASA, there are two different ways the supernova can be triggered:

Type I

The first one refers when a star begins to steal a large amount of matter from another close star that provokes a supernova because it was impossible to control high quantities of matter.

Type II

The second scenario is when the star’s lifetime is over, so the star runs out of nuclear fuel becoming so exhausted that it’s not capable of support his own gravitational force because also his heavy core, provoking the old star give birth a supernova.

Unleashing the extermination

When a star becomes a supernova can be so dangerous that represent a threat of any kind of life in the universe. One of the most important critical facts about supernovas are that when they explode, they also throw beams of high energy radiation better known as gamma ray bursts (GRBs). This kind of gamma radiation on earth is generated from radiative decay, that at the same time is extremely hazardous to living beings.

Some astronomers blame supernovas the first responsible for reducing the opportunities of finding new kinds of life out space, because in some way supernovas are sterilizing the cosmos. In fact, there is at least one supernova exploding per day where it’s so hard for the another galaxies to survive if they’re placed near of detonations.

The good news is that our Milky Way galaxy is about 7,500 light years far away of the nearest supernova registered, where we’re are placed in a safe distance enough to avoid a catastrophic extermination.


Vela Supernova Remnant in Visible Light, by Davide De Martin (Skyfactory).

The truth is hidden in the most dangerous things in cosmos

Incredibly, supernovas have another important role than produce fear about eradication of our galaxy. When they explode, they also can produce heavy metal as nickel, cobalt, titanium and another chemical elements, in fact the core of stars are the only place where these elements can be created; therefore, our bodies are made up of supernova explosions.

Today scientists are working in researches about the elements distribution through universe by supernovas, important theories about the origin of cosmos and the understanding of universe’s expansion. Maybe supernovas are playing an important key role for finding the purpose of universe that scientists should not overestimate.


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