Bad Taste but Good Sales: The Rising Outcomes of Corona Beer

Considered one of the worst Mexican beers according to 3,200 reviews at, Corona is now the fifth best-selling beer in the U.S., but how could it happen?

Corona Beach

“Faded aromas of sulphur, faint skunk, mild cooked veggies”

That’s the description given at and placing it in a rating of 55 out of 100, and that’s an awful position considering a comparison with another Mexican beers, in fact in the lowest place as you can see in the next rank:

1.- Bohemia 77

2.- Negra Modelo: 77

3.- Dos Equis Amber 72

4.- Victoria 68

5.- Modelo Especial 66

6.- Pacifico 63

7.- Tecate 60

8.- Sol 58

9.- Corona 55

So how a beer with a horrible taste become so popular?

The answer is simple and it’s all about in a word, marketing. Constellation, owner of Corona and another Mexican beers (Negra Modelo, Victoria, Modelo Especial and Pacifico) has made a good work at the time to sell bad beer. The firm has focused all in it’s advertising aiming to get people to buy the beer in specific situations. A successful add campaign of Constellation is the Cinco de Mayo, one of the most important days to reinforce the consumption of Corona for the holidays, while another campaign the firm has rolled out featuring former NFL coach Jon Gruden.

The company has gotten great outcomes even when Constellation acquired the full distribution rights from Anheuser-Busch inBev in 2013, adding that analysts’ forecasts overestimate the reported earning and sales. Moreover, this beer acquisition represents the future of the company as a smart move because the sales of wine is not doing very well.

Sand, sun and lime wedges

The most interesting thing about the reason of why people still buying a bad beer resides in the strategy of constellation’s marketing, they avoid to stand out the taste of the beer or the hops, instead they sell an unseen message.

And the message is the idea of having a beer on a beachside vacation, where most of the tourist who decide to travel to Cancun don’t really care about the taste like. Another season related with Corona is in a hot summer day, where the best known way to drink it is with a lime for better taste. The next commercial video evidence the Corona’s image of Constellation has made:


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